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The Center for Memory and Aging (CMA), the largest private comprehensive memory and cognitive care center for the elderly in San Diego, brings a team approach to diagnosing and treating dementia and other memory/cognitive impairments. We offer specialty-trained geriatric neurologists and neuropsychologists to lead patient evaluations, supplemented by the latest technologies such as NeuroQuant (TM)* volumetric brain imaging, PET and Amyloid PET scanning and other biomarker testing for improved accuracy of diagnosis.

The CMA also pioneers
translational research and clinical drug trials in the field of Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. Please consider us if you are interested in research protocols; we have many ongoing clinical trials for which are constantly recruiting patients.
Our mission is to help seniors and their families identify cognitive problems such as dementia as early as possible in order to provide proper care and offer research opportunities to patients when appropriate.

How Does the Center for Memory and Aging Work?
Patients will be seen separately by several team members in order to understand the full scope of the memory or cognitive problem and how it affects both the patient and the family. In general, a lead neurologist will guide patients throughout their care, while a neuropsychologist can provide further testing. A series of blood tests and imaging studies such as high resoultion MRI are also performed as part of our basic CMA patient care.

The entire evaluation process generally takes two clinic visits, approximately two hours and one hour, respectively. After the comprehensive evaluation is completed, the team will develop an individually tailored care plan for each patient and family based on the diagnosis. 
The diagnosis is given at the "Family Conference" visit, where the patient may bring family to ask questions and receive detailed information. The care plan helps guide ongoing treatment over the long-term course of a disorder. The information is summarized in a report to referring physicians, which is available to patient and family as well.  Followup visits are every 3-6 months, and we can assist with any problems that may develop between follow-up clinic visits.

Where are We Located?
We have two convenient locations to serve your needs.  

For San Diego Inland patients, we are located in Rancho Bernardo/Poway on Pomerado Road across from Pomerado Hospital at 15644 Pomerado Road, Suite 401.   We perform evaluations here on M-Th-Fr weekly.

For Coastal San Diego patients, we are open on Tues and Wed each week in central Carlsbad between Palomar Airport Road and Cannon Road at 5814 
Van Allen Way, Suite 209, Carlsbad, CA 92008  (The Island at Carlsbad Center - corner of College and Faraday). We are next to a food court and there is a 7-11 anchoring the center.

For some patients who need neuropsychological testing, Dr. Erin Almklov can perform these tests.

For others who cannot see Dr. Almklov for neuropsychological testing services (one part of the total evaluation), we have partnered with Advanced Neurobehavioral Health of Southern California, conveniently located in the same building at 15644 Pomerado Road, Suite 305.  Please call (858) 693-3113 for more information or to schedule testing, or go the their website,

If you or a loved one are interested in being evaluated by us at the CMA, please click here to get the forms to fill out and call 858-674-1289 to schedule an appointment.  Make sure you specify memory/CMA evaluation to the receptionist.


*NeuroQuant is a trademark of CORTECHS Labs, Inc.

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